KIA University

Case Study

Client Overview

KIA, a leading global automaker, is committed to providing a seamless and delightful driving experience for its customers. In pursuit of this vision, KIA University was established as an all-encompassing training platform designed for customers, employees, and partners. The UVO App Interactive Simulation, an innovative training module developed with Adobe Captivate, is a key offering of KIA University. This module has not only improved customer satisfaction but also significantly increased the probability of customers returning to KIA dealerships.

The Outstanding Influence of the UVO App Interactive Simulation on Dealership Returns

The success of the UVO App Interactive Simulation is demonstrated by its ability to motivate customers to return to KIA dealerships. Remarkably, customers who completed the interactive training had an 86% likelihood of returning to the dealership, compared to a mere 19% return rate for non-connected customers. This substantial increase underscores the effectiveness of the UVO App Interactive Simulation in fostering brand loyalty and driving dealership visits.

Experience the Power of KIA’s UVO: Your Ultimate Driving Companion

UVO, an abbreviation for “your voice,” is a sophisticated infotainment system derived from Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive software. UVO enables drivers to make calls, play music, navigate, and more through hands-free voice commands on their smartphones. In 2019 and newer KIA models, there are three types of UVO systems: UVO Play, UVO Link, and UVO Link with Navigation. Each system offers a distinct set of features aimed at enhancing the driving experience, from entertainment and convenience to vehicle diagnostics and maintenance alerts.


Discharge Medication Teaching

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Custom Quiz

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  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Healthcare professionals who completed the course demonstrated a better understanding of discharge medication teaching, leading to increased medication adherence and reduced hospital readmissions.
  • Consistent Training: The standardized course content ensured a uniform approach to discharge medication teaching across UCHealth’s various locations, promoting better care for all patients.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: The e-learning format eliminated the need for in-person training sessions, reducing travel and venue expenses and allowing staff to learn at their own pace.
  • Scalability: The e-learning course could be easily updated and expanded to accommodate new developments in discharge medication teaching, ensuring the content remained relevant and valuable over time.
  • Tracking and Assessment: UCHealth could monitor staff progress and assess their understanding of the material, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and ensure all healthcare professionals were well-prepared for their roles in discharge medication teaching.

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