Legacy Content Conversion

Why Should You Convert Legacy Content To Modern?

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The Problem With Legacy Content

Many organizations rely on outdated legacy training content that is no longer effective for today’s learners. This outdated material can negatively impact the learner experience, limit engagement, and hinder training goals. Typical issues with legacy content include:

Limited Engagement and Interactivity

Legacy content, which often relies on static text, images, and basic multimedia elements, fails to engage learners effectively. Modern learners have grown accustomed to interactive and dynamic content, and outdated formats can not hold their attention.

Incompatibility with Modern LMS Platforms

Legacy content formats often struggle to integrate seamlessly with modern LMS platforms like Moodle, Canvas, and Google Classroom. This incompatibility leads to issues in tracking learner progress, generating reports, and managing courses effectively.

Difficulty in Updating Content

Outdated content is often harder to maintain and update, resulting in outdated information and a lack of alignment with current industry standards, regulations, and best practices. This can put organizations at risk of compliance issues or negatively impact their competitive edge.

The Solution: Modern Conversion

To address these challenges, organizations need to convert legacy content into modern, engaging formats optimized for the way today’s employees learn best. Our conversion process involves:

1. Content Analysis

Analyzing existing content and defining learning objectives

2. Design

Designing highly interactive courses with scenarios, simulations, and other features that drive engagement

3. Development

Developing the courses based on proven instructional design principles

4. Test and Revise

Rigorously testing and revising the courses before deployment

5. Deployment

Delivering mobile-ready content that integrates seamlessly with your LMS


By working with us to convert legacy content, you can expect to:

  • Enhance Learner Engagement: Interactive, responsive, and visually appealing content will keep your learners engaged and motivated, leading to improved learning outcomes and knowledge retention.
  • Multi-device Compatibility: Our converted content is designed to work seamlessly on multiple devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing learners with a consistent and flexible learning experience.
  • LMS Compatibility: The new content will be compatible with modern LMS platforms, allowing you to easily track learner progress, generate reports, and manage your courses more efficiently.
  • Future-proof Content: By converting your legacy content into modern formats, you ensure that your e-learning materials remain relevant and accessible for years to come, protecting your investment in training and development.
  • Easy Maintenance and Updates: Modernized content is easier to maintain and update, ensuring that your e-learning materials stay current with evolving industry standards, regulations, and best practices.

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